Denis Granizo

Nicaraguan painter  moved by the freedom of his paintings


Denis Granizo, who calls himself "D'Granizo"  is a young painter from Nicaragua, Central America, who at age 24 is working on his own style in Arts especially in the use of collage using combinations of colors, shapes, objects and textures. D 'Granizo is in finding his style, leaving behind the conventional, such as scholastic assignments to conversion and evolution of a painting with own unique stamp highlighting them succeed in the world of the arts. Artist's concept is fresh and innovative, thanks to the integration of various doses of abstractions and combinations of colors and shades exorbitant and at the same time captivating.

His biggest influence and mostly what inspires artist is Mark Rothko, the painter who has been associated with the abstract expressionist movement, who just gave birth this technique as an autodidact.But the beginning of D' Granizo as an artist was born as a curiosity that we all have from childhood. As a boy he developed skills for Arts evidential, but it was not until age 13 that concerns were increased, leaning drawing and graphic representation through the portraits, which copied the splendid faces of international journals models , thus the first step in the art world.

Between 2002 and 2005 continues to paint a self-taught, especially experimenting on their own, while continuing to work on portraits, while the representation of the natural state of objects and artifacts around him, increasingly refined triggering that skills and skills in the subject flowed faster.Between 2006 and 2008 begins to join the Group of Art University where he studied and graduated in 2011, his BA in International Relations.

In 2009, after several attempts and end of a decision is given the opportunity to join the National School of Plastic Arts "Rodrigo Peñalba", when he was 18, which left their full advantage as this opportunity allowed him to study for five years, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Graphic Mosaic cornerstones of his artistic development.In 2012, he graduated from the National School and begins to participate in various contests and competitions of painting, also takes several workshops, conservatories and focus groups on contemporary art, which has been moving toward an aesthetic, reflection and research that have been nourished increasingly style.

Currently, he is doing different experiments and sketches over the mixture, called MIXED literally Granizo latter works are quite influenced by the informality, is denoted by the freedom that the artist, by mixing so many things at once, and employment and use of all around him. Furthermore, Granizo has the short-term project displaying emergency and representative significance of his ideas regarding the environment, overcoming an upper layer. Therefore, the creations and imagination continue to leave the ingenuity and creativity give more openness to this artist.

What Artist says:

When I'm free I create. My work is driven by impulses triggered by my mood and the ostentatious desperation to find something new by means of combinations of shapes and colors, experimenting with unforeseen movements and sometimes repetitive, under a concept that paint is the dominated and not allowing me it dominates.

This work was created as a self-satisfaction, but leaves open the possibility of a development, is a constant work with acrylic paint made ​​for easier and faster drying. While the only oil I use to create immersive effects, like newspaper clippings with phrases or unintentionally claims, but rather to achieve an aesthetic and not sign or flag in protest.

The basis of informality is essential in my work, it's like these convection to which we are bound were mixed, giving a distinct flavor to normal things, another abstract touch a definition that does not show from the start. It is only the union of all, the all that unites us, what we do on a daily basis and had to coast undetected, forgetting that a little of everything is enough.

All we perceive of reality is the center of my experimentation in search of a result or spontaneous order, drawn from what I see and do; action individually, such as from a stroke or even a newspaper article. Only a matter of linking all this that I can not hook into the true reality and play a little to make it happen a salad of colors, shapes and textures, as well as a product giving a painting without restriction able to put all the elements and still is willing to continue to evolve.